NewCastle Brown Ale

I had forgot how tasty a good old Newcastle was until a friend (from England) brought some over the other night. It has such a smooth texture and great classic taste. I ended up buying another six pack the other day when I ran out! It also tastes great out of the tap. It seems like many bars will carry Newcastle as their darker beer selection, so it isn’t too hard to come by! Those British love their beer!

2 Responses to “NewCastle Brown Ale”

  1. Joshua Streeter Says:

    Do you think it takes different/better from a keg? It used to be all I drank, at a local pub, and I refused to drink it from the bottle. I still swear, out of any beer, it’s the one that tastes most different from keg vs bottle. Am I crazy. I mean, because of that?

    BTW, free wine tasting at American Spirits this Friday night. I know the people pouring; it’s all good wine. Friday 7-9PM. Might have free food too. It’s every 3rd Friday, and I never miss it.

    Yes, American Spirits by Publix has the best wines in town.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Ok, Lisa….here’s a challenge for you. Find me where I can buy Mackeson XXX Stout. It’s my friends favorite beer and she cannot find it anywhere. ;) I didn’t realize you had this blog, but good for you!