Girls who only like light beer

My very best friend Esther came to visit me. She is like many girls (not us beer princesses) that order Mich Ultra and the like! That is fine, but I bet if she gave some “real” beer a try she would find that there is more to beer than what is out there! If you are worried about the calories, just drink it slower! It is worth the taste for sure!

One Response to “Girls who only like light beer”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I have always like a good beer, but over the last several years (thanks, in part, to you), I am an official beer SNOB! I was craving beer a few weeks ago (as I’m sure other prego women do), but the only beer available was Mich Ultra or Coors Lite…ICK to the Coors….so I opted for the Mich Ultra and very disappointed that I wasted my beer craving on that. You always have the best beers at your house! ;) Can’t wait to enjoy a few again with you!