Home Brews

Just got back from visiting my brother in Charlotte, NC. My brother is an awesome brewer! His day job doesn’t do him justice and he should definately find a career in micro brewing! I am so impressed every time I try one of his brews! It is an extra treat to visit him just to get to sample them! He had a number of different brews available for my drinking pleasure on this visit. They were: Oregon Pale Ale, English Special Bitter, English Brown Ale, Old Peculiar Dark Ale and a “Blue Moon” imposter! All were excellent! My favorites had to be the Oregon Pale Ale and the English Brown Ale! I wish they were available for sale, because they would be top sellers! Anyway….I have not been as successful in my attempts to brew beer myself (I will save that for another day). I guess I should just stick to sampling and critiquing!!!

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