Original Budweiser?

I am definately not a “Bud Girl”. However, I just visited Prague in the Czech Republic, home of the original Budweiser. I didn’t know that up until a couple of months ago!! While I was there, I had to try the “Budvar” to see if it compared at all to the US version. Not so much!! Budvar has a thick creamy head and is much more pleasant than our American version. Why did the recipe change once it got to the US? I don’t know! But, did you know that the people in the Czech Republic drink more beer per capita than any other country in the world? Maybe my Czech background helped me be a beer lover! As far as Budweiser, while in the Czech Republic, drink it. While in America…NOT!!

One Response to “Original Budweiser?”

  1. Angie Says:

    Well, I have a Bud story for you. I was traveling on business last week and was in a hotel that was a little more remote than I had anticipated. I finished my meetings, and since it was nice out, I decided to walk the two miles back to my hotel instead of calling a cab. All went well until about the last third of a mile. It started pouring. I mean raining cats and dogs. After a long day, I definitely wanted a beer, so I decided to stop into the only convenience store that I could find near my hotel. I go back to the beer section, and it only has one six-pack of Bud Light Lime. That’s it. And, one of the beers was missing! Apparently, the store had just been remodeled, gotten its liquor license and beers were to be delivered the next day. In desperation, I negotiated a fair price for the five-pack with the attendant and figured I would chalk it up to trying something new. I made it back to my hotel and ordered a pizza…who on earth would go back out in that rain to find food? So, I took a deep breath and cracked open my Bud Light Lime. The first one went down like water…can we say dehydrated? A little later, thinking that this wasn’t so bad, I opened my 2nd one. Wow, my goodness, what is this stuff? I think a can of Raid would have tasted better! I just couldn’t do it. This is the first time in my whole life I’ve ever wasted a beer (not to mention almost 4 of them).