For the love of beer….

Pretty girls like beer too!  I think it was my brother who helped me discover the taste of really good beer.  I am not talking about generic Bud or the like, but really good beer.  There are so many varieties that I have decided to make tasting different beer a real passion of mine!  So often I am in a restaurant and order a Pale Ale or the like only to have the waiter say…”Are you sure?”, “Girls don’t normally like that variety.”  Well, I don’t agree!  I know there are plenty of us “girlie girls” who appreciate a good ale or microbrew.

2 Responses to “For the love of beer….”

  1. Beer Says:

    Is it beer 30, yet? I’m ready to crack open a nice bottle of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale!

  2. Beer Princess Says:

    Hey! It’s always 5:00 somewhere! Just opened one I pulled out of my fridge….Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown. Love the Name! Great flavor too!