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Oktoberfest Time!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Oktoberfest is this Beer Princesses favorite time of year! I would love to hear reviews on what you think are the best Oktoberfest beers out right now. Also….where are the best Oktoberfest festivals? Anyone been to Germany? What about a great local celebration?

NewCastle Brown Ale

Monday, August 30th, 2010

I had forgot how tasty a good old Newcastle was until a friend (from England) brought some over the other night. It has such a smooth texture and great classic taste. I ended up buying another six pack the other day when I ran out! It also tastes great out of the tap. It seems like many bars will carry Newcastle as their darker beer selection, so it isn’t too hard to come by! Those British love their beer!

Hazed & Infused Dry Hopped Ale

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Boulder Beer Company makes and awesome dry hopped ale with Hazed & Infused. It is the perfect blend of hops and great taste! Not to mention the label is cool. This ale is definately one of my top choices when I am out buying 6 packs. I highly recommend….Anyone out there agree?

Sam Adams Seasonal

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Last night I tried the new Seasonal Sam Adams. I think Sam Adams does a great job brewing! If you can’t find a microbrew, Sam Adams is a great choice! Most restaurants carry their basic brew, even the ones that mostly serve “generic beer”. Anyway, the new Seasonal is called Noble Pilsner and is only out for a couple of months. I guess it is the seasonal brew between their winter lager and spring beer. Although I am a big fan of Sam Adams in general, I wasn’t a big fan of the Noble Pilsner! Sorry Sam Adams! It wasn’t horrible, I just wouldn’t order it again. They market it as a citrusy hop aroma. I actually thought it tasted a little soapy! Oops…that is bad, but just being honest! I spotted a couple of new “Beer Princesses” in the bar too! I was so excited to meet other gals who share my love of good beer! Anyway, my new friend Lauren tried the Pils and wasn’t crazy about it either. It was worth a try!

World of Beer

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Tonight I was out with my “Girlie Girls” at World of Beer!  What a great place!  They have over 100 (maybe 200) different varieties of beer!  There is so much to choose from,  it is kind of like shopping for that LBD!  You girls know what I mean!  Anyway, I had a couple of great beers.  One of them being Krušovice, which is from the Czech Republic.  ( I just returned from there as a matter of fact, and will have to write about it.)  I also had a Summit Extra Pale Ale.  This EPA is from St. Paul Minnesota and is quickly becoming one of my favorites!  It has a smooth, hoppy flavor and I really enjoy it!  Anyway, my “girlie girls” disappointed me.  While we were in the “World of Beer” they decided they wanted Chardonnay!  Not that I don’t love wine as well, but c’mon….we were in a beer lovers paradise!  I told them I was embarrassed to order it!  They know who they are!!!!  Yes, I admit, sometimes beer gives you that “full” feeling, but it is worth the taste!

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